An Experimental Spin – Opposites

The third yarn in my personal color study is finished, and I am one part sad and one part delighted. I’m sad that spin is over, because I loved working with the colors and enjoyed the wool. But I am delighted with how it turned out, and what I’ve learned along the way! You can… Continue reading An Experimental Spin – Opposites



Header Image: Workers and locals on a stranded boat wave enthusiastically as we canoe by on our way to a dedication. Hi! Hello! Hey there! What’s up? We have many ways to greet our fellow human beings – impassive, from a nod, to empathetic, all the way to a warm hug. Papua New Guinea has… Continue reading Greetings!


An Experimental Spin – Blended

Hi fiber friends! For my first spin a while, I took some inspiration from the Wool'n'Spinning community and designed a color study for myself. I'm using 4 oz of Corriedale top dyed by Three Waters Farm to study three approaches to color management. Check out my prep for this spin here! This post is all… Continue reading An Experimental Spin – Blended


An Experimental Spin – Prep

For a long time, I’ve been following along with an online yarn-spinning community called Wool’n’Spinning. Much of what I’ve learned about making yarn has come from the discussion and teaching of this chatty and supportive group. In the last couple of years, they have been studying sheep breeds and color handling techniques. Part of the… Continue reading An Experimental Spin – Prep

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A Day in the Life of a Literacy Coordinator {Monday}

6:00am – Wake up for swimming and watching the sunrise, wash up, breakfast and coffee. 8:00 – Arrive at work. 8:05 – Say hello to all the staff. Realize my teammate J is back to work after a trip and take some extra time to greet him and welcome him back. 8:20 – Check email… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Literacy Coordinator {Monday}

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Always Bring Earplugs to the Village

The sounds of a jungle village at night are diverse and surprising. For instance, do you know what the sound of four pigs fighting in the middle of the night is like? It might surprise you to know that not just the pigs are involved - pretty soon, every nearby dog is also getting in… Continue reading Always Bring Earplugs to the Village